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President Gee at a SAPA meeting sharing his views and discussing leadership in public administration

President Gee visiting SAPA to share his views and discuss leadership in public administration.


The purpose of SAPA is to support the interests of the WVU Department of Public Administration student body through programs which promote academics, community service, professional development, and networking


Our goals are to provide a variety of opportunities for students to achieve professional success, enrich the community, and engage with one another and faculty. To achieve these goals, SAPA regularly hosts functions and fundraisers to meet the collective interests of our student body and the community.


SAPA leadership is composed of multiple positions helping the organization to meet its goals. The Executive Board members are chosen through an election process. These positions include:
  • President (Acts as Director and the "face" of SAPA)
  • Vice President (Acts as the Student Representative with MPA faculty; contact the VPD with issues/concerns/ideas for SAPA)
  • Secretary (Acts as Director of Information)
  • Treasurer (Acts as Director of Finances)
Additionally, there are five positions on the Board of Directors which are appointed by the newly elected administration. 

These positions include:
  • Activities
  • Communications/Social Media
  • Fundraising
  • Professional Development
  • Service